Ujsportal PA Courts USA

Ujsportal PA Courts USA

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Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

The Pennsylvania Judiciary Web Portal provides the public with access to various aspects of court information, including appellate courts, common pleas courts ...
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PAePay - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

This site displays only court financial obligations approved for online payment. The maximum payment amount that can be applied to fines, costs and restitution  ...
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Public Web Docket Sheets - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

The Public Web Docket Sheets option provides access to search, view and print the docket sheets for Pennsylvania's Appellate Courts, Criminal Courts of ...
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Contacting Us - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

Common Pleas Criminal Court Case Management System (CPCMS) Help Desk ... CPCMS Help Desk at 1-877-227-2672 or by e-mail at ccpaopc@pacourts.us.
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Court Calendars - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

The Public Calendar Schedule option provides access to search, view and print case events scheduled in the Criminal Courts of Common Pleas and Magisterial  ...
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Attorney Services - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

At this time, only Supreme and Commonwealth courts cases my be filed through ... is required to access secure services and applications within the UJS Portal.
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Privacy Policy - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

Thank you for visiting the Web site of Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System. ... District Courts is made available for purposes of submitting online payments.
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Collections in the Courts - Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System

(AOPC) to record and track the business of the courts. More than systems for ... www.pacourts.us. .... The UJS Portal (http://ujsportal.pacourts.us) is a web.
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