Quick Painless Suicide

Quick Painless Suicide

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The holy grail seems to be painless methods of suicide, and people will go to great lengths to find a method that might achieve that. The perversity being that ...

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If a method causes death then "quick" and "painless" don't mean anything. The problem is choosing something that is reliable. If you inject a potassium solution ...

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I am a psychiatric nurse, and I see the results of suicide -- when it works and, more often, when it .... Painless, fast suicide - if you got 100$. 14.

Easy, quick and painless ways to commit suicide? - Yahoo Answers

I asked this earlier and got a load of lectures about how things get better. I DON'T CARE!! Please d...

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Suicide methods can be classified according to two modes of interrupting one's life ..... Suicide can be committed by using fast-acting poisons, such as hydrogen  ...

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Blatantly stolen from http://www.asan.com/users/kangaroo/suicide.htm ... With alot of Air, quite effective, Painless, Quick, Clean, Effective, what more can I say?

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not hanging, don't have the money for pills. don't know how cheap a gun is. I'm not thinking about suicide, I'm just wondering, whats a dirt ...

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Mar 14, 2008 ... For a suicide method to be Church of Euthanasia approved, it must be: QUICK PAINLESS CERTAIN DISCREET SAFE ACCESSIBLE TIDY