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Oklahoma EPPICard


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05775OKBR005. Welcome to your new MasterCard®. Debit Card. It's Easy to Improve Your Money. Management. Oklahoma Debit MasterCard® Card ...
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Your Oklahoma Debit MasterCard® Card www.EPPICard.com

Questions regarding your case must be handled by your local OKDHS Office. The Oklahoma Debit MasterCard® Card is issued by Comerica Bank, pursuant to a ...
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EPPICard debit card is a safe and convenient way to access your deposits. Welcome just about everywhere you shop; Get cash-back with your purchase at ...
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Oklahoma Debit MasterCard® - EPPICard

Important Card Safety Tips. Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) a secret. Choose a number that is not easily guessed. Never write it down anywhere, ...
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Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Direct ... - EPPICard

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. YOU ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN THE OKLAHOMA DEBIT MASTERCARD .
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Child Support Online Debit Card Program - TANF - Oklahoma

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Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card FAQ – Foster Care and Adoption ...

Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card SMART for You Foster Care Program Frequently ... A. Check your account by computer at www.eppicard.com, or contact our ...
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Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card SMART for You

FAQ's below. Q. How can the Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card be used? ... A. Check your account at www.eppicard.com, or contact our automated Voice ...
Source: http://www.okdhs.org/OKDHS%2520Publication%2520Library/07-01.pdf