Mississippi EPPICard

Mississippi EPPICard


Mississippi Debit MasterCard Program

WHAT IS A MISSISSIPPI DEBIT MASTERCARD® CARD (ePayment/EPPICard)? It is a way of delivering TANF benefits and TANF Work Program supportive ...
Source: http://www.mdhs.state.ms.us/temporary-assistance-for-needy-families-(tanf)/mississippi-debit-mastercard-program/


EPPICard debit card is a safe and convenient way to access your deposits. Welcome just about everywhere you shop; Get cash-back with your purchase at ...
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The Mississippi EPPICard™ is the new way to receive your payments

The Florida Debit Card is a new way to receive your support payments. You can get cash at banks and Automated Teller Machines. (ATMs) and make purchases  ...
Source: https://www.eppicard.com/fledcclient/pdf/FL_Marketing_FAQ.pdf

EPPICard - the safe and convenient way to access your deposits.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has implemented a convenient "electronic" payment option for Commonwealth employees, custodial parents, and benefit ...
Source: https://www.eppicard.com/vaedcclient/index.jsp

Program Card Carrier - EPPICard

EPPICard.com or 1-866-461-4095. (fee may apply) ... to select your PIN. The Mississippi Debit MasterCard® card is issued by Comerica Bank pursuant to a.
Source: https://www.eppicard.com/msedcclient/pdf/MS_Card_Carrier.pdf

www.eppicard.com account balance - Eppicard

Jun 23, 2014 ... Visit www.eppicard.com account balance for information about your child ... Illinois unemployment card · Iowa Eppicard · Mississippi Eppicard ...
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Eppicard Account Balance - Eppicard

Mar 19, 2014 ... Get eppicard account balance check and login information for PA, NY, TX, OK, IL, MS, AL, OH and more.
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Eppicard Help - Eppicard Account Balance, Login and Customer ...

EPPICard Unemployment - Child Support Card. The EPPICard, also known as the Child Support Card is a prepaid debit card used by over 23 states to distribute  ...
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