Konkoor Sarasari

Konkoor Sarasari

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Seyed Mohammad Ali Sadri Tabaie Zavareh | University of Tehran ...

... university entrance examination (Konkoor-e-Sarasari) for B.Sc. degree, July 2003. Search the SelectedWorks of Seyed Mohammad Ali Sadri Tabaie Zavareh.
Source: http://works.bepress.com/seyedmohammadali_sadritabaiezavareh/

maisam hedyelloo | LinkedIn

February 2014. Ranked 116 among participants ( about 10000) in the Nationwide University entrance examination for M.Sc. degree (Konkoor-E- Sarasari) ...
Source: https://ir.linkedin.com/pub/maisam-hedyelloo/72/956/b09

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Iranian University Entrance Exam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Iranian University Entrance Exam also known as the Concours (from the French; Konkoor, Konkour, and Konkur are transliterations of the Persian) is a ...
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_University_Entrance_Exam

Mohammad Khorrami - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Competing with over half a million applicants, Mohammad Khorrami ranked first in national university entrance exams (konkoor-e sarasari) of 1984 in Iran.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Khorrami

Saloome (Maryam) Asghari | LinkedIn

... case study in Intercultural Marriage” 2nd Rank among all participants of Graduate Entrance Exam of National Iranian Universities ("Konkoor e Sarasari") ...
Source: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/saloome-maryam-asghari/70/425/819

Vahid Monfared - Scientific & Academic Publishing

2003, Ranked 6th among about 20000 participants in the nationwide university entrance exam for Mechanical Engineering. MSc degree (konkoor-e sarasari).
Source: http://www.sapub.org/Journal/editorialdetails.aspx%3FJournalID%3D1001%26PersonID%3D16852

Morteza Damavandpeyma - Electronic Systems

... Engineering, 2005. Ranked 114th among more than 450000 participants in the nationwide university entrance exam for BS degree (konkoor-e-sarasari), 2001 ...
Source: http://www.es.ele.tue.nl/~mdamavandpeyma/