Konkoor Sarasari

Konkoor Sarasari


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The Iranian University Entrance Exam also known as the Concours (from the French; Konkoor, Konkour, and Konkur are transliterations of the Persian) is a ...
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Mohammad Khorrami, an Iranian mathematical physicist (born October 4, 1966, Tehran) is ... with over half a million applicants, Mohammad Khorrami ranked first in national university entrance exams (konkoor-e sarasari) of 1984 in Iran.
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Mohammadreza Jalaeipour | LinkedIn

1st rank in the Nation-wide University Entrance Exam (Konkoor Sarasari) among more than 1,500,000 participants, Iran. Iran's Ministry of Tertiary Education.
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Nov 2, 2009 ... Update: grade=rotbeye konkoor .... I have another sister who goes to Sarasari University and said girls bring their pets to the university!
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Pouria Kourehpaz, E.I.T | LinkedIn

Ranked 228th among more than 350,000 participants in National University Entrance Exam in Iran (Konkoor-e-Sarasari) ...
Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pkourehpaz

mahgol akhlaghi | LinkedIn

... top 0.25 % students among more than 400,000 participants in the nationwide university entrance exam in biology for B.Sc. degree “Konkoor-e Sarasari”, 2008
Source: https://ir.linkedin.com/in/mahgol-akhlaghi-7020173b

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Ali Iran, ٣(١), ١٩-٥٣. ٣. Abdi, B., & Agababa, A. (١٣٨٧). Barrasi avamele moasser bar entekhabe reshte davtalabane majaz be entekhabe rashte konkoor sarasari.
Source: http://jalda.azaruniv.ac.ir/pdf_8154_7c16be07e1b153636c0a7c5b8653dafa.html

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Aug 6, 2015 ... ... NO: 157001) [2010] Ranked 171th in University Entrance Exam (KONKOOR-E- SARASARI) Among about 300,000 participants in Iran, 2010.
Source: http://www.slideshare.net/BijanVafaei/cv-bijan-vafaeiiowa