Hoechst Celanese Retirement Plan

Hoechst Celanese Retirement Plan


4 F3d 1137 Gillis v. Hoechst Celanese Corporation | OpenJurist

HOECHST CELANESE CORPORATION; Hoechst Celanese Retirement Plan, a federal employee pension benefit plan and trust, Third-Party Plaintiffs, v.
Source: http://openjurist.org/4/f3d/1137/gillis-v-hoechst-celanese-corporation

How do you contact Hoechst Celanese for pension benefits

Hoechst acquired Celanese many years ago in the late 80's or early 90's. A number ... Supplemental Social Security offers several retirement plan for family and ...
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How do you contact hoechst celanese retirement plan - Answers

Call 1-800-BENE and choose the correct option for retirement service center.
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HOECHST CELANESE CORPORATION and Hoechst Celanese Retirement Plan . United States District Court, E.D. Pennsylvania. September 24, 1992.
Source: http://www.leagle.com/decision/19921623818FSupp805_11478/GILLIS%2520v.%2520HOECHST%2520CELANESE%2520CORP.

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15 This sale amended 16 Hoechst Celanese's ERISA-qualified 17 pension plan, affecting the employees who worked for the sold division. 18 In selling the ...
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Celanese Corporation - The Chemistry Inside Innovation

Exports broad array of chemicals including acetaldehyde, acetal, acetic acid, acetic acid n-butyl ester, acetic acid ethyl ester, basic chemicals, organic chemicals ...
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The Salisbury Post - Former employees file suit against Invista

Sep 16, 2005 ... Former employees say Koch promised to honor a retirement plan established by Hoechst Celanese when it bought the Fiber Industries plant.
Source: http://archive.salisburypost.com/archive_detail.php%3FarchiveFile%3D2005/September/16/Area/29283.xml%26archive_pubname%3DSalisbury%2BPost%250A%2509%2509%2509

Defined Benefit Plan - Alabama Department of Revenue

Mar 9, 2016 ... ABC Rail Corp. Abex Corp Retirement Plan for Salaried Employees .... Celanese Americas Retirement Plan (formerly Hoechst Celanese Corp).
Source: https://revenue.alabama.gov/incometax/DEFINEDBEN.pdf