Drug Residue Test Kits

Drug Residue Test Kits


Substance Test | Is it a Drug? | Test a Surface for Drugs

Instantly Identify Possible Drugs and Drug Residue Found On Any Surface. Test suspicious substances to see if they are a drug. Accurate and affordable.
Source: http://www.homehealthtesting.com/substance-test-c-21_53.html

Surface drug test D4D | Residue Drug test kit - Buy a Test Kit

Surface drug test D4D. On contact test to find trace amounts of drug residue on most surfaces. Detects: Trace and bulk amounts of over 10 different drugs.
Source: https://www.buyatestkit.com/products/surface-drug-test-d4d/

Surface drug testing kits | On Contact Residue Drug test kit

Surface drug testing kits. On contact drug test kit with 6 tests to detect and identify trace amounts of drug residue on most surfaces. Detects 22 drugs.
Source: https://www.buyatestkit.com/products/surface-drug-testing-kits/

Drug test kits - Buy a Test Kit

Drug Test kits • Affordable drug test kits for use at home, the workplace, schools, colleges, medical ... Instant result drug tests. ... Residue tests Residue drug tests  ...
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Drugs Residue Identification Tests

Drugs Residue Identification Tests Forensic Test Kits Our collection of Drug Residue Detection & Identification test kits provide law enforcement.
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Touch & Know Discreet Home Drug Test Kit | Walgreens

Touch&Know® is the first over-the-counter home drug test kit that allows you to test any substance for the presence of 22 different drugs. This test is impossible ...
Source: http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/touch-%2526-know-discreet-home-drug-test-kit/ID%3Dprod6118616-product

Veterinary Drug Residue Test Kits | Bioo Scientific

With robust sample prep protocols, these sensitive ELISA and lateral flow test kits simplify the screening of food and feed for antibiotic and hormone residues.
Source: http://www.biooscientific.com/Veterinary-Drug-Residue-Test-Kits

Amazon.com: THC Marijuana Surface Residue Detection Test ...

Each pouch contains one single drug test Kit Pen Test and 2 wipe papers. Once ampoule is broken, the drug test should be used immediately. Marijuana ...
Source: http://www.amazon.com/Marijuana-Surface-Residue-Detection-Test/dp/B00BPX4XW2