CPExpress State MI US

CPExpress State MI US


Contract & Payment Express: State Budget Office

If electronic payments from the State of Michigan are deposited into a U.S. account and then are automatically redirected to a foreign account, the electronic  ...
Source: http://www.cpexpress.state.mi.us/

Contract & Payment Express

... vendors and individuals intent on doing business with the State of Michigan. ... your password or security information has been lost or stolen, call us toll free ...
Source: https://mainfacsp.dmb.state.mi.us/payee/servlet/us.mi.state.eft.WelcomeServlet

Contract and Payment Express (C&PE) - State of Michigan

State Budget Office - C&PE Pre-Registration Overview/Self-Study.
Source: http://www.michigan.gov/budget/0,4538,7-157-13404_37161-186637--,00.html

MDHHS - Child & Adult Provider Payments - State of Michigan

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the direct deposit of State of Michigan ... (click on the green box below for direct access or go to www.michigan.gov/cpexpress.
Source: http://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-71551_13754---,00.html

MDHHS - Adoption Subsidy Payments - State of Michigan

FAQs · Contact Us · MDHHS Home · MI.gov .... Sign up for EFT to allow the state to deposit funds directly into your bank account. Reasons you may want ... Sign up through the Contract & Payment Express at www.mi.gov/cpexpress. If you need ...
Source: http://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-73971_7116_63826_11423---,00.html

Contract and Payment Express (MAIN) - State of Michigan

The MAIN vendor/payee file is the State of Michigan's centralized database ... “ Contract and Payment Express” website location: www.cpexpress.state.mi.us.
Source: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Payments_from_the__State_of_Michigan_3-28-08_239454_7.doc


Mar 26, 2010 ... Once registered, a password will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service the following day. ... Access C&PE, at michigan.gov/cpexpress. 2.
Source: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/CPE-OFMv_137948_7.pdf

registrations page - Contact a PTAC of Michigan

State of Michigan Vendor/Payee Registration is ... http://www.cpexpress.state.mi. us/ (Scroll down ...
Source: http://www.michigantac.org/government.html