Army UIC List

Army UIC List

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army uic list
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How to Find an Army UIC? -

The Army UIC, or Unit Identification Code, can be found in one of the following ways. First, you can try contacting your unit's chain of command to obtain the.

Military Unit Identification Code? -

Your military unit identification code (or UIC for short) is a 6-digit ... How to Find Your Unit Identification Code. ... List of All Army Unit Identification Codes.

Unit Identification Code Search System (UICSS) - Login ... - DMDC

The Unit Identification Code Search System is a web-based application that ... do so by submitting a request to the DODHRA DODC-MB DMDC List DAP-SSM.

Army Unit Finder

Search among hundreds of unit pages for divisions, command centers, vessels, and more Connect with comrades old and new with's Unit Finder.

Unit Identification Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Unit Identification Code (UIC) is six character alphanumeric code which ... in the US Army, TDA (tables of distribution and allowance) units for the Army ...

FMSWeb - U.S. Army Force Management System Web Site

Army UIC Listing

Feb 26, 2010 ... Title - Army UIC Listing. Question -. Where can an electronic version of Army UICs be obtained? Scenario - An electronic version of Army UICs ...


I need to know how to get the UIC information for the vFRG site where I serve as ... identifies each Active, Reserve, and National Guard unit of the Armed Forces.