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Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) Administration - Arizona's Medicaid Agency.
Source: http://www.azahcccs.gov/

AHCCCS Plans, Providers, Contractors & Vendors Home Page

AHCCCS Plans, Providers, Contractors & Vendors. Here, you can find ...
Source: http://www.azahcccs.gov/commercial/

Approved Drug List - AHCCCS

The AHCCCS approved drug list, called the Fee-For-Service (FFS) Formulary, ...
Source: http://www.azahcccs.gov/members/resources/memberformulary.aspx

Covered Medical Services - AHCCCS

Covered Medical Services. AHCCCS contracts with several health plans to ...
Source: http://www.azahcccs.gov/applicants/medicalservices.aspx

AHCCCS Prior Authorization Forms

The Prior Authorization (PA) unit at AHCCCS authorizes specific services prior to delivery of medical related ... Forms used in PA Unit include the following:.
Source: http://www.azahcccs.gov/commercial/FFSclaiming/priorauthorization/priorauthorization.aspx

Arizona Health Plans from UnitedHealthcare® Community Plan

Jul 30, 2014 ... UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete™ (HMO SNP). This plan gives you a choice of doctors and hospitals. Plus you get coverage for a long list of ...
Source: http://www.uhccommunityplan.com/az.html

AZ Provider Information - UHCCommunityPlan.com

Contact Us. AHCCCS/Medicaid Developmentally Disabled (DD). Provider Call Center: 800-445-1638. Hours of Operation:8:00 am-5:00 pm CST. Mailing ...
Source: http://www.uhccommunityplan.com/health-professionals/az.html

List of AHCCCS/ALTCS Health Plans - Arizona Center for Disability ...

When Your AHCCCS/ALTCS Health Plan. Denies, Terminates, or Reduces a Service. AHCCCS Health Plans. APIPA (Arizona Physicians IPA). Attn: Manager  ...
Source: http://www.acdl.com/pdfs/AHCCCS%2520and%2520ALTCS%2520Health%2520Plans%2520List%2520to%2520File%2520Appeal.pdf